Here is a selection of films and video art by La Erreria as a collective as well as individual work by Graham Bell Tornado and/or Anna Maria Staiano.

Our films have been shown at various queer film festivals/events such as: Nosgustrans in Alicante, Zinegoak  in Bilbao, LesGaiCineMad in Madrid, Deep Trash from Outer Space organised by CUNTemporary Arts in London, La Muestra Marrana in Barcelona, also at arts festivals such as  Intramurs Festival in Valencia, ICA in London, as well as feminist film festival & arts events such as Dona´m Cine in Barcelona, the Fem Tour Truck, the festival Dona i Cinema and the Women in Work exhibition  in Valencia.

SHORT FILMS (selection)

Confinement Rap (2020)                                                                          Experimental music video which draws a parallel between the restrictions of movement caused by the COVID lockdown and the day to day life of racialized people, queers and women.

Let´s get Ecosexy  (2020)                                                                                             A walk on the wild side of ecosex with transgender performance artist Graham Bell Tornado.

Ecogender (R)evolutionary Parade (2018)                                               Document of the ecotransfeminist participatory street action carried out as part of the A Les Balconades festival.

Solitaire (2017)                                                                                                             A poetic and symbolic interpretation of sexual dissidence that explores the social and family pressure on girls to become “good women.”

Transexpace 8:28 min (2017)
Science fiction fantasy which subverts the stereotypical genre of the photo novel in a universe populated by Amazonian warriors, androgynous diplomats and genderbenders.

Choose Your God/ess: The Reflux 19:58 min (2016)
A drag sci-fi musical based around a casting for a reality show for gods and goddesses. It satirises how television has exploited the contemporary obsession for fame at any cost and how our concepts of public and private have changed as a result.

In the Field 4:40 min (2013)
An ecosexual exploration of the body in nature, with the human portrayed as just another animal in the field …

The Rad-Eco Party Manifiesto 2:27 min (2009)
Filmed in la Erreria (House of Bent) this party political broadcast includes various costumes by the spanish transgender artist Rampova Kabaret. Produced for the Queercunt club night (Sheffield)

Choose Your God/ess 23 min (2005)
The original edit of the drag sci-fi musical based around a casting for a reality show for gods and goddesses.

You Have Been Watched (Trilogy) (2004)
Cctv cameras were used to film this project which explores the presence of transgender bodies in public space. The trilogy was filmed using the camera system in place on an estate in east London in 2002 and was composed of You have been Watched (10 min. daytime footage), Freaky Revelations (2 min. people in lifts) and Being Watched (8:16 min. night-time footage)

I know where Jack Smith’s dress lives 6:17 min (2004)
A tribute to the artist and experimental filmmaker Jack Smith. Based on an interview with Char Eigelhardt, the director’s neighbor who gave her the dress that comes out in the short film

Martyr Barbie 1 min (1999)
Barbie as a plastic surgery addict this short was finalist in a contest to make a one minute short about Barbie. It premiered at the National Film Theater in London for the LGFF (Lesbian and Gay Film Festival)

us-in-the-future 5:42 min (1998)
The story of how a transvestite reacts after being kidnapped by the media was premiered on local television in Scotland and has been shown at several LGTB film festivals


Antitainment 8 min (2014)
edit of various performances which explore the concept of a politically committed entertainment projected as part of an installation in the Gallery Mister Pink (Valencia)

Do Gran Tour 2:30 min (2014)
images recorded outside the hindu temple in Neasden to accompany the eponymous bollywood style song by Gran Tour. The video was projected inside a papaer theatre box as part of the installation in the Gallery Kessler.

P.I.N.Q. Park Opening Ceremony 2 4:50 min (2014)
based on the opening ceremony of the second Post Industrial Natural Queer Park in Barcelona, this short was made for the Davis Museum the “smallest museum of contemporary art in the world”.

Shattering the Glass Ceiling (Rompiendo el Techo de Cristal), 4.45min (2013) by Anna Maria Staiano & ideadestoyingmuros.

Mi Histeria Sexual/ My Sexual Hysteria 15 min (2013)
selection of Graham´s most erotic performances projected as part of a live performance at the Zinegoak LGTB film festival (Bilbao)

Monumento/ War Memorial I 8:13 min (2012)
Video recorded in the main room of the entomology museum of Valencia with cellist Sara Galán projected in the installation with body of Geyserbird my alter ego shaman travesti.

Greatest Hits by Original Artist 4 films various durations (2008/09)
A retrospective DVD that includes four experimental documentaries, each focusing on a different aspect of my work: Identity, Ritual and Death, Antitainment and The Media. The production process of these documentaries was unusual, since a script was made for each film that included archive material, these were then projected in a live presentations of the script. Afterwards, the live recordings were assembled along with the previously edited footage and images related to the work under discussion.

Tableaux Vivant 3 min (2001)
Document of a project of installation of my body as an automaton representing 3 women in 3 cathartic moments in their life – the Annunciation of the Virgin, and the deaths of Cleopatra and Ophelia.

Immobility 8 min (2002)
Made for live screening as part of a performance with musicians Johnny Borden and Ernesto Tomasini at the LGTB London Film Festival

All of My Deaths 18 min (2000)
edit based on the song of the same name that was projected to accompany the full length performance in Sound Voice Vision at the Edinburgh Book Festival.

Birth of Plastic 20 min (1997)
animation primitif produced for projection at the Jessies with Attitude show at Cottiers Theatre (Glasgow)

Jackie TV is selling Retro-Modernisme 15 min (1999)
includes several numbers of the retro-moderniste cabaret projected live in a coffee shop window in the village of Castle Douglas as part of OTV a project organised by Cath Whippey and Chris Helson.

24 hours Jackie Derrida 24 hours (1996)
Document from an exhibition at the Transmission Gallery (Glasgow) where the public was invited to interview my alter ego Jackie Derrida in the simulation of a set of a television program.