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Most of our publications are limited editions and bilingual English/Spanish. Here is a selection available at the LGTBQ+ bookshop Berkana in Madrid (c/Hortaleza 62) or from their online store:

The site is pretty easy to navigate (Compra is buy and Cesta is basket) but in case you have any problems they are happy to reply (in English) and can be contacted at

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#EcoQueerPlanet (2023)

The catalogue of the group exhibition we curated at the Polythecnic University of Valencia in 2022 it has now been published in a hand-bound limited edition, for more details please contact us at:

The #EcoQueerPlanet catalogue is available in English and in Spanish and it includes work by: Thierry Alexandre, Agrocuir, Anne Barton de Mayor, Aitana Cerdán Campos, Toni Cordero, Mery Favaretto, Institute of Queer Ecology, William James, Martin Kámen, Salvador Mateu, Bea Millón, Azul Macas Moreno, Cristina Polop, Fran Quiroga, Marco Ranieri, Lourdes Santamaria, Chiara Sgaramella, Pilar Soto, Anna Maria Staiano, Beth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle, Samantha Sweeting, Edward Vicens Luna and Graham Bell Tornado.

The digital version in English can be viewed here:


We are very happy to present our latest publication based on the (r)evolutionary project Ecogender / Ecogénero by La Erreria (House of Bent). The Ecogender project explores and criticizes the dichotomy that exists between nature and culture (a dichotomy as artificial as masculine and feminine) from a queer perspective, understood as non-conformist, feminist and gender non-specific.

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CUIR-ZINE (2018)

Our Spanish queer-zine published to accompany the exhibition “Queering the National Archive” at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (3 Dec. 2018/7 Jan. 2019) is available in the exhibition as well as through us. More info: Queering…Exhibition

The Cuir Zine includes graphic work and texts from over 20 artists including activists such as Manuel Zelandia, one of the founders of the LGTB movement of Colombia, Felipe Rivas co-founder of the research group C.U.D.S (Chile) and Rampova, precursor of the Cuir movement, here in Valencia.

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Transexpace: Galactic Revolt is an experimental queer project which has taken the shape of a photo-novela, a short-film and various performances based on body extensions and pieces by Anna Maria Staiano.

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Transexpace Performance @ IVAM (2016)

This high gloss science fiction fantasy subverts the stereotypical genre of the photo-novella in a universe populated by Amazonian warriors, androgynous diplomats and genderbenders.

Ximo Rochera, (Director of Ediciones Canibaal) is responsible for the text and the Eva Pez for the layout of the photo-novela whilst Alejandro Sánchez was the main photographer and Toni Cordero provided photo-montages of la Tzarina and Queer Matter. The performers who participated in the project are: Abel Baguena, Graham Bell Tornado, Carolina Boluda, Josey Heyes, Eva Pez, Jennifer Picken, Isaac Torres, Lili Tras Tras and Mad Vicious.

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An article by Ximo Rochera about Transexpace has been published in the magazine of art and literature Canibaal and it can be found at this web link: Una Revuelta Galáctica 

IMPURE (2016)

A book which breaks the moulds of format, genre, artistic and sexual practices, mixing art with jewellery, performance with fashion, and photography with literature. Impure is an in depth documentation of the trans-disciplinary art practice of Anna Maria Staiano in collaboration with a host of queer/trans/feminist artists, performers, photographers, writers, curators and activists.

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Impure is a bilingual publication, in English and Spanish. which includes 160 pages in colour. It is available in paperback as well as a hardback, special limited edition. It can be purchased through La Erreria and also at the bookshop La Canibal en Barcelona ( and in the Libreria Dadá sited in the IVAM Museum of Contemporary Arts and in the MUVIM Museum of Enlightenment and Modernity in Valencia ( More info & pure


Bilingual Catalogue of Graham Bell Tornado´s exhibition at the Gallery Kessler Battaglia. It includes texts by Juan Vicente Aliaga, Eva Caro, Rafael Tormo i Cuenca, Toni Davidson, William James, Rampova Kabaret, Amparo Latorre Romero and Rosa Sanchis Caudet.


Eco_género/Eco_gender (2012)

The bilingual catalogue of this 2010 Erreria exhibition is sold out and it included essays by William James, Veronica Perales and Graham Bell.

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Pamphlet/fanzine with the text in Spanish of the conference of Diana J. Torres (La Pornoterrorista), given in the Ecogender day at the UPV (Valencia).cogénero en la UPV (Valencia).


First Edition (2009) sold out and 2nd Edition (2018) available. Catalogue (in Spanish) of the Erreria´s exhibition of the work of Rampova Cabaret, including paintings, drawings, collages, comics, writing, music, performance and stage costumes. Rampova was imprisoned at age 14 for being homosexual. Later, finding it impossible to get a job, s/he formed the cabaret group Ploma 2 which became well known throughout Spain.



Queer Feminist Decolonial Ecologies

Graham´s article on The Participatory Rituals of Transgender Shaman Geyserbird forms part of this recently published dossier edited by Diana Giorgiu, Katie Goss and Sofia Vranou and coordinated by Cuntemporary Arts. It is based on the incredible Ecofutures festival they organised in London in 2019. The publication includes texts by Anna Tokareva, Amelia Goldberg and Amanda Monti amongst others and is available (free) online here

CRUSEV: Re-imagining sexual dissidence in 70s Spain

The book “Re-imagining sexual dissidence in 70s Spain”, fruit of the CRUSEV Conference in Spain includes Graham´s essay “Antitrenimiento 70” (Antitainment 70). This text is based on their performance which was the closing act of the conference at IVAM. The book also includes a text about our dear friend Rampova, featured on the book cover!!!

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Yo También Soy… (Me too…)

We are very proud to contribute to this long awaited book on feminist cultural activism “Me too…a history of bodies and identities in struggle” with an essay about our practice and the Erreria as an “expanded” house museum.

An anthology that involved different artistic and academic voices around feminist and queer art projects and aks the question: Why did feminist art — not of women — take so long to break down the walls of the institution?

Now available in bookstores all over Spain, “Yo Soy…” was coordinated by Professors Ana Navarrete and Virginia Paniagua and has contributions by Carmen Navarrete, Jesús Martínez Oliva, the collective O.R.G.I.A., William James, Mercè Galán, La Errería (House of Bent) y Ideasdestroyingmuros. More info:

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Really glad to be part of the new issue of the feminist journal “Cultivate”. Full of interesting articles dedicated to the body. Such a good read: